Christ Centered Compassion

We desire to take on Christ's compassion, as he is our example, our motivation, and our direction. After looking deeply at ourselves we will lift our eyes to others. This compassion will cause us to live simply in order to identify with and meet the needs of our neighbors.

Holisitic Service

We desire to live incarnationally among the world's needy and to serve the needs of the whole person, opening the way for restoration of our broken relationships with God, ourselves, others and our environment.

Grace-drenched living, learning, loving

We desire to live vulnerably and humbly before each other, viewing each other through the lens of grace and challenging each other to greater faith, hope and love. We will celebrate the gifts of God and view the world with gratitude.

faith-filled expectancy

We desire to learn from the Word of God, which teaches that miracles are real and the Holy Spirit works powerfully. Christ-followers will risk their lives for him because they expect his presence and reward.